SOMA is pure medicine for the soul. It has its roots in Kundalini Yoga and the tradition of the Sufis: People gather to celebrate the Divine, which is deeply nourishing. Movement, sound, breath, trance techniques – in combination with the collective energy of the group – give access to an elevated state of consciousness. We can experience our Higher Self, and in turn relax into life out of a deep connection. We become aware of what needs to change.

Since 35 years Karta is traveling the world to facilitate these experiences. With SOMA TANTRA he now takes it to a whole new level of acceleration. They are true gatherings for our time, because they have the potential to effectively rid us off individual and collective conditionings.

Alleen Zaterdagavond/Saturday eve only € 65,-
Combi Zaterdagavond + Zondag / Combi Saturday eve + Sunday € 175,-
Alleen Zondag / Sunday only € 140,-

WAAR: Object43 @ Schansstraat 43, 4944 AG, Raamsdonk
zaterdag 30 mei 19:00u tot 22:00u (incl. yogi thee)
zondag 31 mei 10:00u tot 17:00u  (incl. yogi thee en lunch)